St George in Bath

I’ve spent most of this weekend up in Royal Victoria Park helping run the St George’s Day scout funday. Saturday was mostly spent putting up a huge marquee which took 15 of us over 5 hours to erect, I was slightly broken afterwards. Copious quantities of alcohol soon numbed the pain, but at 7:45 this morning I was back in the park again nursing a hangover, this time in my role of official event photographer. We had all sorts of weather during the day, overcast and cool in the morning, rain early afternoon, then hot and sunny for the rest of the day, I now have a nicely sunburned face.

As a result of todays work I have a sore back from lugging a heavy bag of camera kit around all day, and 500 or so photos to filter through, post-process, and send off to the ACC Communications for him to deal with as he sees fit.

A Worm’s Eye View of St George’s Day
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2 Responses to St George in Bath

  1. Simon says:

    Gonna take a while to sort through 500 pics!

  2. rich says:

    I’m making heavy use of the delete key :)