Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

Having ordered a new PC last night, my laptop has decided to sulk. Periodically the picture breaks up and the screen flickers a lot then goes blank, usually this is when the CPU load is high. I think that the cause of the problem is the graphics card overheating, I might see if I can remove the heatsink at somepoint and refit it with some more thermal compound underneath. Obviously I won’t be buying the extra 1GB of memory for it whilst it’s being temperamental in case I have to replace it with something faster. If I do replace it, it definately won’t be with another Fujitsu Siemens.

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4 Responses to Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

  1. matt says:

    You’ve not had that very long |(

  2. Simon says:

    That’s hardly any time at all.

    My biggest concern with laptops is reliability. At least with a desktop it’s easy to replace bits.

  3. grant says:

    I’m on the new PC at the mo, bought through the work scheme.

    Quite nice, but annoyed that the mouse and keyboard (mouse in particular was a cheap POS with a ball?!?! and not optical or wireless and the keyboard, again cheap POS and not wireless) aren’t as specced and that the supposed “wireless capability” meant “fit a PCI wireless card yourself, having salvaged it from the old PC” and not “wireness gubbins already fitted”.

    I may be speaking to them tomorrow when I retrieve the contact no from work.