Computer updates

I’ve now swapped over to the new Dell PC full time and taken the 320GB HD from the old PC across. I had a slight problem in that the only SATA cable I had spare wouldn’t let me close the case, luckily my brother had a spare one with a 90o connector which fitted perfectly. I’m sure I’ll keep finding software that I’ve not installed, and I’ve not connected up the printer or scanner yet, but so far it’s working very nicely. I’ve also ordered another 2GB of RAM for it which should hopefully arrive early next week, a bit of a luxury rather than a necessity. This 2GB upgrade cost me less than a third of the price that I paid for a 4MB upgrade for my first PC.

The laptop cooler also seems to be working very well. With the fans on full-speed the laptop now sits at around 39-40C, a good 10C lower than before.

This weekend sees CLIC24 taking place just down the road, and Mike and Matt are both taking part. If the weather is nice I might wander down to see what’s going on and take a few pictures, however if the weather carries on like it is at the moment, I’ll be staying home in the dry.

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  1. Simon says:

    You sound like a fair weather heckler, just like me :)