Changing Sides

Today I decided to start the replacement of my web/mail server. The main reason was that it was running a rather old copy of FreeBSD, and upgrading to a recent release wasn’t going to be an easy task, so migrating onto new hardware seemed the obvious choice. Initially I installed FreeBSD 6.2, but then had a change of heart and went with Ubuntu server. Good though FreeBSD is, Linux is rather more ubiquitous these days.

After a few hours fettling I’ve now moved all the websites across to the new server, the mail side of things will follow in due course once I’ve worked out how to migrate the mailman powered mailing lists.

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5 Responses to Changing Sides

  1. Father says:

    And all this whilst waiting for a parcel that wasn’t coming. Multi-tasking at it’s best!

  2. Alex says:

    He must have had help…

  3. Simon says:

    I’d have used Kubuntu. Ubuntu is too common.

  4. rich says:

    KDE isn’t a lot of use when you haven’t even installed X :)

  5. Simon says:

    I don’t care :)

    Your server move appears to have screwed up the feed in sharpreader :(
    Maybe I’ll restart it and see wheat happens.