My NAS project is jinxed

Having got the new PC up and running, then migrating the web and mailservers, I decided to start the build of the NAS box tonight. I removed the existing HDs, and popped the three larger spares in, all went reasonably smoothly. First of all I tried to install Ubuntu server only to find that the machine hangs completely after loading the kernel. I then went for FreeNAS, however that causes the machine to reboot as soon as it starts to boot from the CD. I’m now resorting to installing a copy of XP instead.

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6 Responses to My NAS project is jinxed

  1. Father says:

    Always best to start at a lower rank. Try the Sergeant!

  2. Simon says:

    Does it work now you’ve put XP on there?

  3. rich says:

    No. It keeps rebooting for some reason.

  4. Simon says:

    PSU too small for all the drives?

  5. rich says:

    Possibly dodgy cabling for the drives.

  6. Marc says:

    My file server / bittorrent etc machine has started giving me STOP errors all the time. bah.

    I feel a rebuild coming on