I came here to get ripped

I had intended to be out on the bike today by 4:30, however did to a minor virus outbreak I didn’t actually get around to leaving work until 5:30 which cocked things up a bit.

I eventually headed out at 6:00, 45 minutes later I’d climbed out of the valley, headed across the top, and was just finishing the second short off-road section when I noticed things felt a bit odd, the back wheel felt "lumpy". Closer inspection revealed a 3cm rip in the sidewall of the tyre, and worryingly large amounts of innertube bulging out.

Sensibly I cut the ride short at that point and crawled home slowly incase of a sudden blowout. Whats really annoying is that I did all the climbing, and didn’t even get to ride the proper off-road bits.

Time to go shopping for a new tyre.

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1 Response to I came here to get ripped

  1. Simon says:

    Obviously not your day!