Afternoon Delight

The earlier sporadic rain went away leaving a nice sunny afternoon. I eventually headed out for a quick spin in the sun round the usual Uni route armed with a mp3 player loaded with Circle Jerks and Adrenalin O.D.. The trails were mostly empty but unfortunately it was very windy. I didn’t even stop to drink my mid ride beer partly due to the wind, and partly due to a few people hanging round my usual stopping off point admiring the view.

12 miles on the newly reshod Unit in the end, I might convert it back to 32:16 soon, not because the hills are getting easier, but because 32:18 is getting annoying on the flat bits.

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5 Responses to Afternoon Delight

  1. matt says:

    And because 32:18 is for the gaybos.

  2. Father says:

    That will upset Mother!

  3. Mother says:

    It’s alright. Mother didn’t understand.

  4. Alex says:

    I’ll buy her a book…

  5. Epicentre says:

    Good taste in music