Wet Wet Wet

Peter Duncan

Peter Duncan, Chief Scout, at Ton of Fun camp, Woodhouse Park, May 2007.

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6 Responses to Wet Wet Wet

  1. Alex says:

    wow.. thats Peter Duncan

  2. Mother says:

    Did it rain?

  3. Father says:

    Zoe from Blue Peter is Wing-walking this Thursday on the prog. I saw her do it! It’s a very clingy suit she’s got on!! I could send a photo to Rich if the demand is there!

  4. Alex says:

    just crop it down to a high res picture of zoe.. i dont think blog readers will be too worried about what type of plane it was..

  5. Tom says:

    What a guy.

    Peter that is ;0)

  6. samuri says:

    That’s that bloke off the telly