Guessing time

The car has gone in for it’s annual service and MOT today. Any guesses as to how broke I’m going to be by 5pm?

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7 Responses to Guessing time

  1. samuri says:

    could be new car time….

    I recommend something sexy, powerful, and bright red….

  2. rich says:

    Like my Mondeo?

    Well, apart from the sexy bit that is.

  3. matt says:

    Well simon’s guess spans 298quid, I go with £176.38

    I’ve seen LOADS of cars like Jons for sale recently… they must have heard something :)

  4. Father says:

    Mother’s Punto was bright red once!

  5. rich says:

    Matt was close.

    £123.20 for the MOT and service, and another £44.39 for a new tyre.

  6. matt says:



    I RULE!