(Now) I Know (Where I’m Going) Our Kid

After braving the delights of Sodding Chipbury this afternoon I manage to collect my elusive parcel containing a new (refurbished) TomTom Go 910 Satnav gizmo. Initially it was convinced that I was somewhere in Guam which made things interesting, but a bit of kicking, prodding, and finally deleting any map referencing Guam convinced it that the UK was a better place to be. I’ve also loaded it up with a handy speed-camera database to remind me when I might be approaching either a dangerous section of road, or a goverment money making machine.

Now I just need to drive somewhere to try it out properly.

Tea and Cake

It was back down to Chew Valley Lake today on the road bikes for tea and cakes. Unfortunately my back started playing up almost straight away which made things slightly uncomfortable. The leather bar tape is nice, but a bit slippery at the moment, although that might be partly down to the new gloves I was using.

We did a gentle 35 miles in the end, it was all my back could cope with. Annoying I came home to find that I’d left my digital scales sat in my highly magnetic Pedros parts tray, and they are now somewhat broken.

After watching the last hour or so of Le Mans I headed into work for some planned downtime which went nicely to plan and was finished off with a few pints of Butcombe in the cricket club.

Fun with MySpace

Fed up with MySpace users embedding your pictures within the abomination that is their userpage? Just enable mod_rewrite and stick the following in .htaccess, they’ll soon lose their account :)

I’d strongly advise against looking at the redirected image though, it’s not nice.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://.*\.myspace.com/ [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.jpg$ http://lemonparty.org/lemonparty.jpg