Now that the weather has cleared up again, I’m stuck with a cold and a bad back. I tried sitting out in the garden earlier in the sunshine but found it too uncomfortable so resigned myself to a day in front of the telly. Eventually the lure of the sunshine got to be too much and I dosed up on ibuprofen and headed out for a ride.

Sham Castle

The bad back sapped me of what little leg strength I had anyway, and the cold meant that I couldn’t breathe properly making the climb out of the valley a somewhat arduous affair. However once on the top of the hill it got a bit easier. A bottle of Badger First Gold in front of Sham Castle worked wonders as well.

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3 Responses to Ill

  1. Alex says:


  2. Simon says:

    Looks like is was dead nice out. Hope your back/cold is sorted in time for SSUK next weekend.

  3. samuri says:

    excellent picture, hope beer makes things better