Hell Bent For Leather

Late last night I realised I’d wrapped one side of my bars incorrectly when fitting the Brooks leather tape, so set about re-wrapping it. Having therefore spent far too long wrapping bars yesterday I thought I’d proffer up a few observations.

The tape itself is really really nice, however the sticky bits on the back aren’t quite sticky enough. The short piece you get to cover the back of the brake levers falls off as soon as you put it in place, and if you let go of the main bit of tape at any point it’ll start to unwrap itself rapidly. The combination of these two issues means you really need an extra pair of arms, however you can work around this to an extent with a handy roll of double-sided tape, but when you’ve just spent £30 on tape you shouldn’t have to do that.

Having said that I’ll probably order some more tonight to fit to the Langster.

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1 Response to Hell Bent For Leather

  1. Father says:

    Watching Blue Peter all those years ago has obviously paid off! Sticky backed plastic and double sided sticky tape. No egg boxes or loo roll centres?