(Now) I Know (Where I’m Going) Our Kid

After braving the delights of Sodding Chipbury this afternoon I manage to collect my elusive parcel containing a new (refurbished) TomTom Go 910 Satnav gizmo. Initially it was convinced that I was somewhere in Guam which made things interesting, but a bit of kicking, prodding, and finally deleting any map referencing Guam convinced it that the UK was a better place to be. I’ve also loaded it up with a handy speed-camera database to remind me when I might be approaching either a dangerous section of road, or a goverment money making machine.

Now I just need to drive somewhere to try it out properly.

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4 Responses to (Now) I Know (Where I’m Going) Our Kid

  1. Steve says:

    Come to kettering, an ideal opportunity to test the speed camera database.

  2. matt says:

    did you get it from expansis or somehwere?

    why did you choose that one over any other TOM TOM (not that I drive anywhere, but I still want a gps)

  3. rich says:

    I got it via ebay in the end.

    There seem to be a lot more 910s on ebay than anything else, and they end up costing about the same as the more basic models would do in the shops.

  4. matt says:

    Sounds fair enough, I did notice they were close to TOM TOM XL price.