Bulding a Jamboree

For those of you who were unaware, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the first ever scout camp, held on Brownsea Island in August 1907. As part of the celebrations the World Scout Jamboree is being held in the UK at Hylands Park near Chelmsford. We went up last Thursday to do 4 days work as part of the Jamboree Build Team who started work at the end of June, and some of them won’t finish until mid-August.

Jamboree Sunset

Apart from Thursday, the rain held off for most of the weekend, although Friday was very windy. I ended up running the registration office for several days, spent a day working in catering, and one other day working in the warehouse unboxing 200 or so festival tents. I never want to see another one of those ever again.

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