Rain stops play

We were meant to be going out on a road ride tonight round the lakes, but after looking at the weather we decided on a shorter route because of the looming rain. However it turns out that the rain loomed a bit quicker than expected and Ian was soaked even before he got out of the village, so he turned around and rang me to call it off.

Update: A mere 7 minutes later the rain reaches Bath, I’m glad I’m staying in now.

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3 Responses to Rain stops play

  1. matt says:

    Good call, Dude, road ridin in the wet is for the insane.

  2. Tim says:

    its been raining solidly here since about 3pm yesterday

    roads flooding already

  3. rich says:

    We had occasional but heavy showers yesterday, very very wet this morning though. I got soaked on my ride in to work.