Something must be wrong

It’s Friday, yet I haven’t been for my usual end-of-week full breakfast from the canteen.

I must be ill.

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7 Responses to Something must be wrong

  1. Father says:

    Think of your waistline. Have just a small bowl of muesli? Or a plain yoghurt! You know it makes sense. And it will leave space for bacon butties on Saturday!

  2. Olly says:

    Is there a “yet” missing at the end of the first sentence?

  3. rich says:

    It’s too late for breakfast now, I’ll wander down and get a roll for lunch at about 11.

  4. DaveP says:

    I second Olly, but would also prefix “BREAKFAST” with “ALL DAY”. ;-)

  5. Alex says:

    I had a full english and bottle of grolsch on the ferry at 7am tuesday morning. yum.

  6. Father says:

    Have you eaten since?

  7. Alex says:

    i didnt eat anything until lunchtime that day… no point in overdoing it…