New bike time

There is a 61cm Specialized Tricross Singlecross on order with my name on it.

I’ve been after a replacement for the Langster for a while, it’s slightly too short for me, and I’d like something with more clearance so I can fit fatter tyres and use it on the canal towpath and for light off-road. I’d ruled out the obvious On-One Pompino on the grounds that even the XL one is way too short for me, and the Surly Crosscheck would have worked out too expensive.

Then I came across the Tricross. Size wise it looks almost perfect, although I might need to fit a slightly shorter stem. Even better though, I’ve been offered one for a very agreeable price. The plan is to do a bit of part swapping, then sell the Langster to recoup part of the cost.

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6 Responses to New bike time

  1. matt says:

    infact very nice, I really like that.
    they only have normal tricrosses at my local spec dealer.

  2. rich says:

    You ought to build up the Pompino. It might save you spending money on brake pads :)

  3. Simon says:

    Rocking :)
    I also think that Matt should build up the pompino.

  4. Steve R says:

    Splendid, should be fun Rich.
    You know what, I think Matt should build up his Pompino.

  5. matt says:

    Me too, I reckon I could make a nice crossbike friendly race track at rivi ;)

    all I really need are spokes, I just not measured front hub yet… because I keep losing it.