Feel the pain

I managed to ride into work today. It’s more painful than walking, but takes a lot less time.

I left earlier and headed up to the Doctors to get more Diclofenac, the Doctor I saw was quite impressed with the amount of bruising on my chest, you don’t normally expect them to say "Ooh that looks nasty" in front of a patient.

There’s no sign of my TriCross yet, it didn’t arrive at the shop yesterday as expected. However in my current state, I’m not that worried.

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13 Responses to Feel the pain

  1. Simon says:

    There was a box containing a tricross with a Bath address label on it in Sideways earlier :)

  2. rich says:

    That sound promising :)

  3. Simon says:

    Must be yours then although I didn’t recognise the address.

  4. rich says:

    That’s ‘cos it’s going to Alex’s office, not to me.

  5. Alex says:

    Exciting isnt it.. I can be a part of courier watch… :) I could set our web cam up so people can see Live whether the bike has arrived

  6. Father says:

    And I could be weeding the car-park in my role as general factotum and posing as it arrives. I could even hold the door open and touch my forelock!

  7. Simon says:

    Has it arrived yet? Where is the webcam?

  8. rich says:

    I’ve not heard anything which presumably means it’s not arrived.

  9. matt says:

    you forgot to mention your employment anniversary!

  10. rich says:

    How come you remember these things and I don’t?


  11. matt says:

    Oh I was just browsing your archive, seeing what you were up to in past Aug’s. it’s really depressing when stuff from 3 years ago seems like only a few months ago.