Box Frenzy

Apparently there is a box sat in my brother’s office waiting for me to collect it after work.

Annoyingly my ribs are rather more painful today which could make building the bike interesting, and riding it somewhat unlikely.

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8 Responses to Box Frenzy

  1. Simon says:


    and boo :(

  2. Tim says:

    pah, thats not an excuse

    get a few bevvies down you to numb the pain and head out :-)

  3. Father says:

    Leave it till Tuesday, it won’t rust.

  4. Tom says:

    I saw one in the flesh last night. The green is much nicer than on the web.
    The forks wern’t though. But hey it was still far nicer than the London Langster sat next to it!

  5. rich says:

    To be fair though, a Solitude would look nicer than the London Langster :)

    The fork issue may be handled by a set of P2s.

  6. Simon says:

    Are the forks really that bad?
    I was tempted by some voodoo carbon disc forks but the warning sticker – “NOT SUITABLE FOR OFFROAD USE” put me off, even though the reason for getting them would be to turn the CX bike into a winter road bike.

  7. rich says:

    They look a bit quirky in the flesh.