It’s built

The Tricross is now fully built up, although a few things need changing. I’ve taken the silly bar top levers off, however this means that the cable outers aren’t contiguous and don’t work too well, I’ll try and get a couple on in-line cable adjusters to go in there tomorrow.

I’m not a great fan of the brake levers either, they are a bit pointy and not overly comfortable. I’d swap them with the nice levers from the Langster except that means fitting cantis instead of the v-brakes.

I need to swap the bars for the Bell Laps from the Langster, but I’ll probably try and tie that in with a brake replacement.

I found a spare 18T fixed sprocket to sort the drivetrain out, however I’ve left the 18T freewheel in place for the moment.

There are a pair of cheap SPDs fitted at the moment which were meant to go on the Ribble, I’ll swap them for the nice ones off of the Langster when I get a chance.

I’ve taken it for a quick test ride up the road and back which is about all my ribs can cope with today, and it feels really nice.

Photos tomorrow (probably).

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2 Responses to It’s built

  1. matt says:

    Fixie Cross.. nice.

    I’ve been calculating spoke lengths for my pompoo