Pimp my TriCross part 2

So far the TriCross has gained a new Easton Havoc seatpost, and a Surly Tuggnut chain tug.

The seatpost is a bit burlier than necessary, but it’s what was in stock when I popped into the shop. It’s certainly unlikely to break anytime soon. The Tuggnut came from Charlie the Bike Monger after Tim had run out. It fits perfectly, looks pimpy, and more importantly has enough adjustment to actually work properly unlike the old On-One one I was using.

I’m awaiting a price from the local reseller for a set of Paul Components brakes in the classic Neo-Retro front, Touring rear configuration.

Most importantly, I’ve turned the back tyre round so it matches the front one. It was "backward" because I turned the wheel round to run the bike fixed.

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