Due to a burst watermain somewhere nearby, I’ve had no running water since I got up this morning. This is somewhat annoying when you’ve got several loads of washing to do, and are in need of a shower.

I was going to head out for a bike ride, but I’m not going to do that whilst there’s a good chance I won’t be able to shower afterwards.

Update: The water returned eventually, both from the tap and from the sky.


I’m just back from a couple of days staying in Padstow.

On Monday we went to the Eden Project which had changed quite a lot since I was last there in 2001.


Tuesday was spent wandering round Padstow. We took Ethan for his first trip round the Crazy Golf course where he took a rather unorthodox approach to playing.

Ethan goes crazy for crazy golf

Straight after that we headed out for a rather wet speedboat trip which necessitated a subsequent shower and a change of clothes.

The result of a speedboat trip

Annoyingly I got back home to much nicer weather than we’d been having in Cornwall. Such is life.

Free money

A cheque for £160 fell through my door today courtesy of the Portman/Nationwide merger. Now I could stick it in the bank and use it to pay for the other half of the TriCross, or I could put it towards a new iPod. I’m toying with getting a 160GB iPod Classic at the moment, however despite slagging them off initially due to the high price and low capacity, I find myself strangely drawn to a 16GB iPod Touch. Fortunately for my wallet, neither of them are available in the shops at the moment.

An Intense weekend

This weekend I was at Avon Scout Network’s Intense, a camp and activity weekend for Network Scouts. Not only was I on photography duty, but I was also helping run the security for the bar and ensuing camp fire, the downside of this was not getting to bed until 3:30 in the morning, then having to be up again a few hours later.

Piano Bash equipment

Saturday was activity day, I ended up spending a lot of it hanging around and practicing my meagre archery skills.

Sunday was the piano bash, two hours of violence and destruction, great fun to watch, no doubt even more fun to participate in.

Photos from the weekend.