It looks like we might all end up going on strike this Autumn.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Unions back ‘co-ordinated’ action

The UNISON ballot as to whether we should accept the payrise on offer closes on Thursday, I suspect the answer will be "No".

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3 Responses to Strike

  1. matt says:

    Better get mother to knit you some fingerless gloves, do you have your own oil drum?

  2. Father says:

    Would anyone notice if the Geek Squad worked to rule, or not at all? The old system is creaking and the new system doesn’t work at all. Bring back card index and Rolladex. There’s no substitute for lots of paper. Ask Wessex Water!

  3. matt says:

    I might strike tomorrow, mostly because I just can’t be arsed working.. i’ll probably tell work though.