Richard Thompson Band – Cambridge Corn Exchange

A fantastic night. Probably the only gig I’ve been to where the seats sold out before the standing area.

I think the setlist was as follows:

Needle and Thread
Bad Monkey
Take Care The Road You Choose
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
I Still Dream
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
Al Bowlly’s in Heaven
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
One Door Opens
I’ll Never Give It Up
Hard on me
Mingulay Boat Song
A Man in Need
Guns Are The Tongues
A Bone Through Her Nose
Wall of Death
Read About Love

Sunset Song
Mr. Stupid

Tear Stained Letter

Plasma Update

So far I’m very impressed with it.

Last night Al and I worked through three non-anamorphic widescreen episodes of The West Wing, and the picture was great considering the source. Tonight I’ve just finished watching Spider-Man 3, and am now settling down with Star Wars IV: A New Hope. I’ve played around with the settings and tweaked the picture a bit, and it’s looking superb.

The next job is to find room for the 32″ CRT TV up in the bedroom.

Ice Ice Baby

This weekend was our first group scout camp for several years, and it was a tad on the chilly side. You can tell it’s cold when you have to crack the ice off of the tent zip before you can get out in the morning.


We did our bit helping out planting the Avon Scouts Centenary Wood on the Saturday morning, then spent the rest of the weekend doing scout stuff and trying to keep warm.

I can’t believe they let this bloke loose with scouts.

Tree planting

It was a good weekend, but I’m glad to be back home in the warm now.

From Canti to V

After trying to do things "properly" and fitting canti brakes to the TriCross for a while I’ve given up and gone back to the original V-brakes. The Paul brakes I was after are indefinately delayed due to ordering problems, and the Avid I was using at the front squeeled badly and caused worrying amounts of fork judder.

The V brakes actually work a lot better, and the fork judder is much reduced. The only downside so far is that the Tektro levers aren’t as comfortable as the Cane Creek ones I was using with the cantis, I’ll see if I can get used to them a bit more though.

Time to start packing for camp.

Bow down before the one you serve

I splashed out and bought myself a cheap server for home. It’s now stuffed with a couple of mirrored 500GB HDs so it’ll give plenty of storage to keep my photos, mp3s etc, and provide a small amount of resilience.

In other news, UPSs suck, particularly when they lose their magic smoke and stop working.


I’ve just stuck a cheap 20T freewheel into the TriCross mainly to see if it worked, which it does perfectly at the moment. However if the chain stretches much, it might prove to be a problem.

Following a quick test round the block it seems to be a quite agreeable gear, an off-road test will follow once I can breathe properly again.

Hobbes memorial tattoo: Session four

Today was just a quick session to touch up any bits which needed a bit more work, add the missing tail, and generally tidy it up a bit. It was made slightly more interesting because the chair was broken and stuck and full height which meant Leigh had to stand up to work.

It’s all finished now, and just to keep Matt happy there will be pictures at the weekend (probably).

Is it time to plan the next tattoo?