From Canti to V

After trying to do things "properly" and fitting canti brakes to the TriCross for a while I’ve given up and gone back to the original V-brakes. The Paul brakes I was after are indefinately delayed due to ordering problems, and the Avid I was using at the front squeeled badly and caused worrying amounts of fork judder.

The V brakes actually work a lot better, and the fork judder is much reduced. The only downside so far is that the Tektro levers aren’t as comfortable as the Cane Creek ones I was using with the cantis, I’ll see if I can get used to them a bit more though.

Time to start packing for camp.

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1 Response to From Canti to V

  1. matt says:

    Is it Tattoo Photographing Camp?

    Im going to run canti’s on the pompy, hopefully they’ll be ok, I’ll be riding slow anyway as it’s always windy here and frankly very very very bumpy, and I’ll just bounce off the trails at speed.