Plasma Update

So far I’m very impressed with it.

Last night Al and I worked through three non-anamorphic widescreen episodes of The West Wing, and the picture was great considering the source. Tonight I’ve just finished watching Spider-Man 3, and am now settling down with Star Wars IV: A New Hope. I’ve played around with the settings and tweaked the picture a bit, and it’s looking superb.

The next job is to find room for the 32″ CRT TV up in the bedroom.

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5 Responses to Plasma Update

  1. matt says:

    How’s it now?

    I was looking at them yesterday, is yours about 40kgs? Lucky I have to redo the living room before I can buy something :)

  2. rich says:

    Still very impressed. Finished off watching the proper Star Wars trilogy yesterday and it looked superb.

    The display itself is about 30kg, and the stand is another 10kg. You’ll need to get Simon round to help assemble and manoeuvre it :)

  3. Simon says:

    I am watching Star Wars now :)

  4. rich says:

    I seem to be watching it again :)

  5. matt says:

    If I get one, it’ll be wallmounted for slickness, I have the setup all designed in my head, just need to do a lot of things to the room/house first.