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Useless Numbers

In 2007 I bought 15 CDs, 75[1] DVDs, and more books than I care to count. No wonder I’m skint. [1] The 61-disc X-Files set and 39-disc Buffy set only count as one each though.

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Did hell freeze over?

Apparently Freak Boy isn’t going to ride a bike outside tomorrow for the first time in 506 days or something equally insane.

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sat at home with a cold rather than heading up to Kettering for a party.

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Upgrade Time

WordPress 2.3.2 is out, and the upgrade is a doddle, much easier than the MovableType upgrades were.

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I Am Legend


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Oh Christmas Tree

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A Wider Perspective

My christmas present to myself this year was a Samsung 2232BW 22" widescreen monitor. So far I’ve very impressed with it.

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It’s Christmas

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Post on a Sunday?

It must be Christmas.

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This’ll probably only appeal to local people.

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