WordPress vs Movable Type

Many years ago when I first decided to set up a proper blog type site, I looked at a few options and ended up running Movable Type because IIRC it worked quite happily with text files and didn’t need a full-blown database.
Over the years MT improved and got more complicated, but I sort of knew what I was doing so stayed with it. In September 2007 MT4 came out which was a fairly radical change so I rashly upgraded. I basically ended up having to redesign the site from scratch and certain functionality was broken, but I stuck with it out of a sense of loyalty.
However come mid December, for no reason that I can determine, MT stopped working completely. Every time I tried to post an entry or comment it failed with an error message. I tried to find a solution to the problem with no success, and eventually came to the conclusion that MT needed to go. It’s overly complicated and the peer-support seems somewhat lacking.

Fortunately a domain I’d been after for a while had become available, so I registered that, configured Apache to serve up the new site, downloaded WordPress and had it running within 20 minutes. It was actually easier to import the old content into WordPress than it was to get a complete export out of MT in the first place.

Having now played around with WordPress for a few days it’s definitely easier to use and configure for what I want. The themes are far easier to install and modify, and plugins drop-in seamlessly. MT by comparison is overly complicated, but possibly more powerful if you can get your head round it and spend the time learning it’s idiosyncrasies. However the unexplained breakage is worrying and enough for me to avoid it in the future.

WordPress also seems a lot faster as well which is handy.

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2 Responses to WordPress vs Movable Type

  1. matt says:

    MT was throwing up error messages for about the last 6 months.

    WP = Much Better.

  2. Father says:

    I’m impressed. I’m very impressed!
    I don’t understand but I am impressed.