Making Firefox 3 look less stupid

The worst bit about the forthcoming Firefox 3 is the new functionality of the address bar. The new richlist format gives far too much preference to the title of the page rather than the URL, and just looks ugly.

Fear not, help is at hand.

Type "about:config" into the address bar, find the browser.urlbar.richResults boolean entry, and set it to "false". Restart Firefox and all is back to normal.

Fire, I’ll take you to learn

Friday night saw the first part of our biennial trip to the local fire station so that the scouts can do their fire safety badge. It also gave me a chance to play with another new toy, a Sigma 28/1.8 lens. If I’d known that I’d need a new laptop, I wouldn’t have bought the lens, but such is life. On the 30D, the 28mm lens works out at the equivalent of 45mm which is pretty much a “normal” lens.


Whilst we were there, they did a demonstration of what happens if you put water onto a chip pan fire which was very impressive and slightly scary, they didn’t take much persuading to repeat the demonstration a few more times.

Chip pan fire 17

More photos.

Another new toy

My 30-month old Fujitsu laptop has been getting progressively worse and worse. It overheats if you use it too much, and the touchpad seems to be developing dementia. After it crashed 3 times in 10 minutes yesterday morning whilst I was trying to work from home I gave up and ordered a replacement.

I’m now the owner of a new Lenovo 3000 N200 which seems very nice so far. The keyboard is the best I’ve ever used on a laptop although the bottom-left CTRL key is in the wrong place which is irritating, and the rest of it seems nice and sturdy. After a couple of hours work I’ve updated the software, added the various bits I need, and removed most of the cruft that comes pre-installed. All it needs now is another 2GB of memory.

How to alienate your customers

If you visit and pick Mozilla Store from the middle of the front page, you get presented with a message saying

You have accessed the site incorrectly to go to the International Store Click Here

How have I accessed it incorrectly? I clicked on the link you provided on your website. If you know I’ve accessed it incorrectly, why not redirect me to the proper page rather than just sitting there telling me that I’ve got it wrong?

Useless fuckwits.