I just ordered some audio tweaking bits from a company up north partly because they were cheap, but mainly because they said they used DHL for deliveries, and the DHL depot is just round the corner.

Within 45 minutes of placing the order it’d already been dispatched which is great, execept they’ve sent it out with City Link which almost certainly means a trip into Bristol to collect it. Fuckwits.

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3 Responses to Misleading

  1. matt says:

    OO courier watch, I’ve been waiting for the new season :)

  2. grant says:

    Well the 2008 season of Matt’s So Called Life feels like a rerun of 2007, so something new to watch would be great. ;-)

  3. matt says:

    OI! there were only 19 episodes of MSCL, there’s over 350 a year of MRL