Two weeks running?

Why do couriers seem so adverse to knocking on the neigbours doors?

18 Jan 2008 09:42 Yate 1 Unable to deliver, calling card left

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11 Responses to Two weeks running?

  1. matt says:


    my postie signed for my recorded delivery today, and left it on the step, yay! saves me having to go to chorley.

  2. Simon says:

    My postie saw me come back from Tesco and came back and gave me the parcel he’d tried to deliver a couple of minutes beforehand :)

  3. rich says:

    It turns out it’s not in Yate at all, they’ve moved to Pucklechurch but not bothered to update the computer.

  4. Simon says:

    You should be pleased, Pucklechurch is closer than Yate :)

  5. rich says:

    Worse roads though.

  6. matt says:

    Got it now? what was it? anything good? want more questions?

  7. matt says:

    What are you using that for?

  8. Father says:

    It’s to pad out his new toilet seat!

  9. matt says:

    did the neighbours complain about the bass tremors when he had the norovirus?

  10. grant says:

    Is that a silent “b” in “bass”??