It’s time for a new category

Frankie and Jess

Roll on 18th Feb.

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12 Responses to It’s time for a new category

  1. Father says:

    A home is not a home without a cat. Or two!

  2. matt says:

    Double Trouble, brilliant.

  3. Alex says:

    Although i do think Faggot and Bungholio are inappropriate names

  4. Steve says:

    Will one be trained to take one of my eyes out?

  5. matt says:

    yup, and the other’s going to lift your wallet ;)

  6. Alex says:

    Watch out for that dropping the pen and asking you to pick it up trick as well… sneaky…

  7. samuri says:

    ace, two cats are great, although those two look like they get on with each other, which is no good at all.

  8. Steve says:

    4 are better than 2.

  9. matt says:

    Are they new or second hand?

    I take it their siblings?

  10. rich says:

    They aren’t sibilings, and they’re currently in foster care. I’m picking them up from the RSPCA at 1:30 on the 18th. Best buy some cat food.