X-Files or West Wing?

I thought I was watching an episode of the X-Files, but given that it’s got Elizabeth Bartlet (Annabeth Gish), Mallory O’Brien (Allison Smith), Dolores Landingham (Kathryn Joosten), and General Nicholas Alexander (Terry O’Quinn) from The West Wing in it, I’m getting a bit confused.

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5 Responses to X-Files or West Wing?

  1. matt says:

    Do you have fatigue from ploughing though the 100dvds or so?

    I completely missed out on the West Wing, shame really as I’d probaby enjoy it.

  2. rich says:

    Not yet, 13 episodes to go though (out of 202).

    The West Wing is ace, you should buy the complete box set and watch it all.

  3. matt says:

    “you should buy the complete box set and watch it all.”

    I don’t really have time to watch that much TV! or that much money / space for 782 DVDs :)

  4. grant says:

    I was watching it on More4 but I’m 9 episodes behind now (they’re on the sky+ box) and having trouble catching up.

  5. grant says:

    With Terry O’Quinn in it, surely you’d be Lost, not confused?