Freeborn John – Union Chapel, London

A much more intimate venue than the Derngate, and a much better performance, partly thanks to the excellent acoustics of the church-based venue. The only downside was that you couldn’t take drinks from the bar into the chapel, so it was a dry night. A last minute rush to get the tube back before the engineering works cocked things up meant we couldn’t hang around in the bar afterwards either.


Bishop Bray Speech (Stephen Burden)
Pillory Scene (Rev Hammer)
Whipping Song (Phil Johnstone)
Battle of Brentford (Justin Sullivan)
Elizabeth’s Great Gallop (Maddy Prior & Simon Friend)
Return to London (Rory McLeod)
England’s New Chains (Rev Hammer)
Oliver Cromwell Speech (Harry S Fulcher)
Bonny Besses (Rose Kemp)

Bishop Bray Speech (Stephen Burden)
Burford Stomp (The Levellers)
Oliver Cromwell Speech (Harry S Fulcher)
Lowlands of Holland (The Levellers)
Exile (Rev Hammer)
Every Woman’s Pain (Maddy Prior & Rose Kemp)
Return from Exile (Rory McLeod)
Rumour & Rapture (New Model Army)
Seventeen Years of Sorrow (Maddy Prior)
Lilburne’s Death Song (Rev Hammer)

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