The day the world turned Blu

HD DVD is dead, Blu-Ray is king. It’s a bit of a shame HD DVD lost as its region-free nature meant you could buy disks from anywhere and they’d play on any machine. Blu-Ray takes a step back to the early days of DVD when disks were region-coded and region-free hacks were less common.

I nearly bought a PS3 today to join the Blu-Ray gang, but looked at my credit card balance and decided I didn’t really need one after all, and shall stick with my standard DVD player which did an admirable job today of showing 5 episodes of The West Wing, Michael Clayton, and Vulgar.

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1 Response to The day the world turned Blu

  1. matt says:

    I’m waiting for that day they HD content is delivered electronically, however I can see th moment this happens that bandwidth limits get shrunken and it becomes expensive, also I think the avg HD movie via download is about 4GB.

    Si I will probably wait until bluray is affordable.