Birthdays and Easter

Thursday was Father’s 60th birthday, so we celebrated with dinner at Casanis in town, the food was superb, highly recommended. Friday I finished season 5 of Buffy and started season 6. Saturday was Alex’s birthday, I declined an invite out for a curry to celebrate that and watched more No Country for Old Men, and lots more Buffy. Today is easter Sunday, and for a change we went for lunch in Bar Ha! Ha! in town, then up to Mum and Dads for the obligatory easter egg hunt.

Ethan starts on the easter eggs


More photos.

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2 Responses to Birthdays and Easter

  1. Simon says:

    You turned down a curry?????? Madness!

  2. Alex says:

    I know.. on my birthday too :(
    I only cried for a few hours….. (it was damn good curry tho)