Killing puppies

I picked up my new (to me) Nissan X-Trail at lunchtime today. If you believe everything you read it murders puppies and kills rare orchids as you drive along, but it’s probably no worse than my aged Mondeo was. It’s very nice to drive, although the diesel engine takes a bit of getting used to after 18 years of driving petrol powered cars, I keep going to pull away and finding not much happens for a few seconds. The main downside at the moment is that the floor of the boot is quite slippery so anything you put in there spends most of it’s time sliding from side to side, I’ll have to get a rubber boot liner at some point.

Worst loan company ever?

Your Personal Loan, aka The Co-operative Bank have managed to cock things up with my loan. After paying extra for the next-day service, the money should have been paid into my bank account yesterday, however there was an "error" with some loans processed yesterday and all they can promise now is that I should have the money by the end of the month. That means I can’t pick the car up on Friday before I go on holiday, and because of work commitments I’m going to struggle to pick it up the week after we get back.

Could they possibly be any more incompetent? I could kill someone right now.

3 from 3

After hitting my HID lamp a few times I managed to coax it into life so decided to ride anyway. I did the usual Uni route and met the cubs playing a game up on the Downs so stopped with them for a while before heading on down to the HQ. One very tedious AGM later I headed home with the road lit beautifully by my working HID lamp. This lasted all of 5 minutes before it died again, I think it’s a dead battery which is slightly annoying as it’s not actually been used much.

Time to save up for a new light.

I spoke too soon

I looks like my HID lamp is dead after all. Rather than powering up the light, the switch just flashed a blue LED 10 times then stopped.

Looks like I won’t get a proper MTB ride tonight then as I’ll have to wait until my aged Lumicycle battery has charged enough to use the old Lumi lights for the ride home after the Scout AGM later.

Another Uni ride

A second trip round the Uni in two days, this time with Al who was riding my old Kona Kaboom. It was a fairly sedate ride, partly because Al got "lost" by discovering a turn-off I’d never seen, and assuming I’d gone that way rode off up it and disappeared. Other than a silly crash later on where Al fell off on a particularly vicious patch of grass it was a good ride.

Depending on whether I get out for a proper ride or not tomorrow, that may be my last ride for a fortnight.

The worst DVD ever

The award for worst DVD ever must surely to go the recent release of Charlie Wilson’s War which features a 4 minute "advert" for a charity which I won’t name as they don’t deserve the publicity. This wouldn’t be a major problem except you can skip or fast-forward through the advert, and are therefore forced to wait nearly five minutes before you can actually watch the film.

My advice, don’t buy the DVD, just download a pirate copy which won’t force you to watch "adverts" you don’t want to see.

Uni ride

I headed out for a spin round the Uni on the 69er this morning as it was nice and sunny. I managed to ride the first mile or two before realising I’d forgotten to put my helmet on, so rather than tempt fate I looped back round to pick it up. Shepherds Walk has become quite overgrown since I last rode it 10 days or so ago, and I suffered at the hands, or rather leaves, of the nettles a few times. A quick loop through Rainbow Woods, then through the Uni and down a few steps, across to Sham Castle and back down into Bathamtpon.

Trek 69er

Near Sham Castle

On the way back through town I managed to bump into Tim again, I don’t see him for years, then twice in about 24 hours.

New bicycle

Not for me this time, we bought one for Ethan for his birthday which is next weekend. However we’ll be driving to France on his actually birthday so he had it a week early.
I’ve never seen anyone so exciting when he realised what he was getting. A couple of laps of the square showed that the stabilisers need adjusting slightly, but he was already riding off kerbs with no trouble.

Ethan's new bicycle

Meeting people in unexpected places

I was walking up to the shops earlier today to post a letter when wandering across the railway bridge I spotted a familiar catalogue model pose. It was Tim who was in town visiting a friend, and hadn’t realised that he’d arrived at the railway station 100 yards from my house.