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Waterson:Carthy – Assembly Rooms, Bath

Acoustically, the Assembly Rooms is a bit crap, it was also a bit hot and stuffy in there, but that didn’t detract much from two hours of excellent folk music and a few bad jokes.

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Killing puppies

I picked up my new (to me) Nissan X-Trail at lunchtime today. If you believe everything you read it murders puppies and kills rare orchids as you drive along, but it’s probably no worse than my aged Mondeo was. It’s … Continue reading

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Worst loan company ever?

Your Personal Loan, aka The Co-operative Bank have managed to cock things up with my loan. After paying extra for the next-day service, the money should have been paid into my bank account yesterday, however there was an "error" with … Continue reading

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3 from 3

After hitting my HID lamp a few times I managed to coax it into life so decided to ride anyway. I did the usual Uni route and met the cubs playing a game up on the Downs so stopped with … Continue reading

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I spoke too soon

I looks like my HID lamp is dead after all. Rather than powering up the light, the switch just flashed a blue LED 10 times then stopped. Looks like I won’t get a proper MTB ride tonight then as I’ll … Continue reading

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Another Uni ride

A second trip round the Uni in two days, this time with Al who was riding my old Kona Kaboom. It was a fairly sedate ride, partly because Al got "lost" by discovering a turn-off I’d never seen, and assuming … Continue reading

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The worst DVD ever

The award for worst DVD ever must surely to go the recent release of Charlie Wilson’s War which features a 4 minute "advert" for a charity which I won’t name as they don’t deserve the publicity. This wouldn’t be a … Continue reading

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Uni ride

I headed out for a spin round the Uni on the 69er this morning as it was nice and sunny. I managed to ride the first mile or two before realising I’d forgotten to put my helmet on, so rather … Continue reading

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New bicycle

Not for me this time, we bought one for Ethan for his birthday which is next weekend. However we’ll be driving to France on his actually birthday so he had it a week early. I’ve never seen anyone so exciting … Continue reading

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Meeting people in unexpected places

I was walking up to the shops earlier today to post a letter when wandering across the railway bridge I spotted a familiar catalogue model pose. It was Tim who was in town visiting a friend, and hadn’t realised that … Continue reading

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