Apologies to ISIS

I feel I should apologise to ISIS for assuming it was the shonky bottom bracket that was creaking on the newly built 69er. I was so convinced that it was the bottom bracket that I didn’t even consider anything else.

Firstly I removed the cranks, regreased the splines and did every up super tight. It creaked.

Then I removed the cranks and bottom bracket, regreased everything and did it all up super tight. It still creaked.

Then I did the rear QR up a bit tighter. It didn’t creak.

So, apologies to ISIS, it wasn’t your fault. Well not this time anyway.

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5 Responses to Apologies to ISIS

  1. matt says:

    OO yeah I had that about a year ago, I found the problem before any tools were required. phew.

    you ridden it properly now then?

  2. rich says:

    I did about 5 miles into and around town this morning, and a few runs up and down the street this evening trying to cure the creaking.

    Heavy rain tomorrow :(

  3. Father says:

    I still think it might be your knees. Have you tried lubricating them from the inside with a drop of Cotes du Rhone?

  4. rich says:

    I’m trying Merlot this time.

  5. matt says:

    Certainly was heavy rain :-(