I’m a doofus

I’ve just spent another half an hour or so searching round the house trying to find my seatpack after I couldn’t find it following a similar search yesterday morning. I couldn’t work out what I’d done with it after taking it off the Tricross, and I wanted the multi-tool that was inside it.

After giving up and deciding I’d probably thrown it out with the rubbish by mistake last weekend, I convinced myself that I’d need to order a new one and replace the bits that were inside it. Then in a flash of inspiration I finally recalled what I’d done after I’d taken it off the Tricross.

I’d put it on the crossbike which is hanging up out the back complete with a nicely fitted seatpack.

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4 Responses to I’m a doofus

  1. matt says:

    We’ve all done that.

  2. Father says:

    Those of you that have not visited ‘Chez Rich’ in recent years will not fully appreciate the irony in this story! Suffice to say that Mother shudders at the thought of tidying up. The actual sight would be simply too much!

  3. Simon says:

    It seemed quite tidy compared to my house when I was there for a bit last year :)