Another night, another ride

Out with Ian on the cross bike tonight in almost perfect riding weather.. We headed out along the canal to Claverton, then up the sharp climb to the Cats and Dogs home. It’s just under a mile long with 420 ft or so of climbing, and I think tonight was the first time I cleared it in one go, I usually have to stop to catch my breath part-way up. After that we did a few laps of Rainbow Woods, then I chased buses back down Wellway at 40mph (in a 30mph limit).

Tomorrow I’m going to rebuild the Kaboom to lend to Al, then go for a short spin with him, and Friday I’ve got to take some scouts riding for their cyclist badge. That’s more riding than I’ve done for a long time.

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2 Responses to Another night, another ride

  1. Simon says:

    All sounds splendid. One of the rides needs a pub stop though!

  2. AnalogueAndy says:

    almost perfect riding weather..

    Yeah, rub it in, why don’t ya. I’ve missed the last 5 Wednesday night rides, this week stuck at home child-minding and it was first of the month so a cheesy-easy-peasy ride with pub stop.

    Next week hopefully. It’ll be raining knowing my luck.

    Nice 69er btw