Lake, but no cake

I headed out about 2:30 today to meet Ian for the first trip of the year down to Chew Valley Lake, and possibly the last time we have to meet part-way as Ian is moving back to Bath soon saving me the hours ride to the meeting place.

We took a leisurely trip down through the lanes on a gloriously sunny afternoon. It was so hot I nearly emptied two large water bottles during the ride. The picnic area at Chew Valley Lake was packed, but we managed to sit at a table long enough to eat an ice-cream rather than the usual tea and cake. Another leisurely ride back brought the total distance to 35 miles, and a 100 mile week for me. The first time I’ve done that since late-summer 2006.

It’ll all go to pot now, as in the next two weeks I’ve got three evening meetings to attend, one concert, and then I head to France for a week.

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2 Responses to Lake, but no cake

  1. Father says:

    Sounds like far too much enjoyment to me! And you know what they say? Too much enjoyment is not good for a young chap like you. More suffering and anguish! That’s what we need!

  2. Simon says:

    Does sound good. Ice cream stops are ace.
    I’ve just done my first 200 mile week in a long time :)