New car

No more test drives needed, all being well I pick up a Nissan X-Trail late next week.

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23 Responses to New car

  1. matt says:



  2. Steve says:

    Do you need a lift?

  3. Father says:

    Twerton Tractor!!!

  4. Alex says:

    i have a chelsea tractor.. dont be so rude!!

    in the style of matt, PICS PLEASE!

  5. Simon says:

    HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. rich says:

    I didn’t pay quite that much :)

    It’s not much more than I paid for the Mondeo 10 years ago, and is a lot more car with a lot more toys.

  7. Simon says:

    You could have got a car for £1000 and bought a couple of REALLY nice bikes :)

  8. rich says:

    I’ve got some really nice bikes already :)

  9. matt says:

    I bet you didn’t even pay as much I as did for my car.

  10. rich says:

    That depends on how much you paid for your car :)

  11. matt says:

    Oh, i see that’s the Actual car, weirdly I thought it was just an example of one of them.

    looks ok, where’s the plough go?

  12. rich says:

    Yup, that’s the one I’ve paid a deposit on.

    The plough can attach to the towbar if/when I get one fitted.

  13. Father says:

    What you really need is to fit a powered winch to the front to pull yourself out of places where your roadie tyres won’t! And extend the exhaust upover the roof line so you can ford every stream as well as climb every mountain. (I feel a song coming on!) :o

  14. matt says:

    Are X-Trails actually suitable for anything bumpier than a campsite?

  15. rich says:

    Apparently it’s pretty good off-road, obviously not as good as a Defender though.

  16. Alex says:

    Does it have X-Drive like mine? I went off road the other day.. over a field… it was great. we could go on off-roading weekends…

  17. rich says:

    It doesn’t need poncy buzzwords like a BMW :)

  18. Alex says:

    X-Drive is not a poncy buzzword i’ll have you know.. the engines power is optimally translated onto the road at any time – even in hairpin bends, when starting on a hill, or slippery surfaces. xDrive ensures you have power whenever you need it most….
    So there…

  19. matt says:

    You mean X-Drive compensates for the lack of BMW driver’s driving technique?

  20. rich says:

    It’s to compensate for the compulsory lobotomy you receive when you buy a BMW :)