New bicycle

Not for me this time, we bought one for Ethan for his birthday which is next weekend. However we’ll be driving to France on his actually birthday so he had it a week early.
I’ve never seen anyone so exciting when he realised what he was getting. A couple of laps of the square showed that the stabilisers need adjusting slightly, but he was already riding off kerbs with no trouble.

Ethan's new bicycle

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5 Responses to New bicycle

  1. matt says:

    Full Sus Singlespeed?

  2. rich says:

    Yup. You’ve got to introduce them to niche bikes early these days.

  3. matt says:


    if he’s lucky he won’t know of gears

  4. Alex says:

    it only dawned on me half way round the square for the first time to actually show him where the breaks were and what they did :) always useful….

  5. Denny, Alaska says:

    Oh, go ahead, teach him where the brakes are, too. Go on.