Killing puppies

I picked up my new (to me) Nissan X-Trail at lunchtime today. If you believe everything you read it murders puppies and kills rare orchids as you drive along, but it’s probably no worse than my aged Mondeo was. It’s very nice to drive, although the diesel engine takes a bit of getting used to after 18 years of driving petrol powered cars, I keep going to pull away and finding not much happens for a few seconds. The main downside at the moment is that the floor of the boot is quite slippery so anything you put in there spends most of it’s time sliding from side to side, I’ll have to get a rubber boot liner at some point.

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4 Responses to Killing puppies

  1. matt says:

    Get some ikea bags and hook them on the sides or something.

    and puppies are rubbish, so who cares.

  2. Alex says:

    Do you get more points for a puppy or an old granny with a stick? I cant remember to be honest…
    I joined a group on Facebook called “Alliance Against Urban 4x4s”. You should look them up, cos you’re elligible to become a member now… They’re really fun people…

  3. Olly says:

    I remember parking our rented Patrol next to an X-Trail in a forest somewhere in Australia (that narrows it down). Out there, the X-Trail is just a toy. Over here, the Patrol is obscene :)

  4. Neil says:

    Nice one, I wholeheartedly fully approve your purchase (being a man with a nice little 4×4 myself), it certainly is better to drive high up as you can see a lot more and it pisses off pikey students and green peace do gooders.