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Subtitled Scots

I’m currently sat watching Punk’s Not Dead, and the only person that they’ve seen fit to subtitle is Wattie from The Exploited, and it’s not as if he’s particularly difficult to understand. They musy have a particular problem understanding the … Continue reading

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Old photos

Partly inspired by Andy resurrecting a load of old photos last week, I finally got around to sticking some old photo sets up onto flickr. Northumberfest, 2004 Cyclocross race, 2004 Afan, 2003

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HMV must stop having sales

In the last week I’ve picked up the Rambo Trilogy, Planet of the Apes box set, Omen Pentology, and Black Adder – The Complete Collection, all for silly prices in the HMV sale. I also ordered my ticket to see … Continue reading

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It’s made the news

"Go-live" is off again. E-Health Insider :: Royal United Hospital Bath shelves Millennium go-live

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Take the children bowling

We took four children bowling tonight, ostensibly to celebrate Ethan and Lucien’s birthdays. The bowling wasn’t too bad, although I didn’t win, but the subsequent meal was chaos. At least they were other peoples children and I could come home … Continue reading

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Summer evening rides

A lateish ride tonight. Despite aiming to leave at 6, Al wasn’t actually ready until 7. We did a quick trip round the Uni and Sham Castle in the evening sunshine, it could only have been improved if I’d remembered … Continue reading

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All the gold in Lego Land

After another few hours work I’ve now collected all 160 gold bricks in Lego Star Wars. Technically I’ve still only done 88.5% of the game, but there’s nothing left to gain, only those last few percentage points. Time for Lego … Continue reading

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I have the key

After a quick trip out to the local Nissan dealer this afternoon, I now have both keys for my X-Trail, they’d got things mixed up and sent the wrong one out. I’ve also just fitted a proper set of mats … Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend working my way through more of Lego Star Wars, I’ve just got the last two sections of Return of the Jedi to finish on free play, then most of the Bounty … Continue reading

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This weekend

I shall mostly be watching coverage of the Le Mans 24 hour race.

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