Summer evening rides

A lateish ride tonight. Despite aiming to leave at 6, Al wasn’t actually ready until 7. We did a quick trip round the Uni and Sham Castle in the evening sunshine, it could only have been improved if I’d remembered to stick a couple of cold beers into my bag for a mid-ride stop. Back home by 8:30 in time for a late dinner and the forgotten cans of beer.

Same again tomorrow probably.

I have the key

After a quick trip out to the local Nissan dealer this afternoon, I now have both keys for my X-Trail, they’d got things mixed up and sent the wrong one out. I’ve also just fitted a proper set of mats to try and keep the rather impractical cream carpets clean. Hopefully that’ll be the last of the car-related faffage for the moment.

Lego Star Wars

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend working my way through more of Lego Star Wars, I’ve just got the last two sections of Return of the Jedi to finish on free play, then most of the Bounty Hunter Challenges to complete. I’d nearly finished the last-but-one section and was down to the last cannister, when the PS3 decided to freeze meaning a reboot and a wasted 30-minutes of playing. I’ll try again one evening this week, then it’ll be time for Indiana Jones.