Afternoon cheek

As I was back from the garage early and had a parcel to pick up at 4:30 I decided to head out on the 69er for a spin. Usual Uni route to start, but I skipped Rainbow Woods, took the back route to the Cats and Dogs home, then a different route along some footpaths round the back of the Uni into the descent through the woods that I’d not done for a few years. To be honest the last bit through the woods was a bit of a mistake, lots of wet and slippery rocks and roots which is one of my least favourite surfaces, the Bonty tyres seem particularly slippy. The tram line descent was "interesting" and I managed to crash part way down when the bike slid sideways underneath me on some slick rocks. Other than that it was good to be back out on the bike again, even if it was only 12 miles.

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