Babyhead and Bellowhead – Pavillion, Bath

Another Bath Music Festival concert and also the last concert and therefore the closing party. It turned out to be one of the most energetic gigs I’ve been to, though not for me as my back was playing up again. Bristolians Babyhead opened the night with their infectious mix of Ska and Hip-Hop (Skip-Hop?), warming the crowd up nicely and getting everyone moving, and then keeping them moving for a good hour or so.

After a short gap the eleven members of Bellowhead all managed to fit onto the stage, and proceeded to work their way through most of E.P. onymous, Burlesque, and a fair chunk of the forthcoming album due out later in the year, culminating about 90 minutes later in second encore which was the 5-and-a-bit minutes of on-stage anarchy known as Sloe Gin.

All in all a fantastic night.

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