John Spiers & Jon Boden – Widcombe Social Club

A slightly odd venue for a gig tonight, it’s the dingy club I played skittles in for 14 years. However when I got there just after 8 it was pretty much full already, so I was forced to lurk at the bar all evening. After a few floor spots and Jim Gallagher as the support act, Spiers and Boden finally took the stage. With mainly just a melodeon, fiddle, and stomp-box they entertained us for getting on for two hours.

The setlist was something like this (I’ve probably got the order wrong)

Tom Padget
Cheshire Waltz
Oswestry Wake / Morgan Rattler
The Birth of Robin Hood
Captain Ward
Three Tunes
The Rain it Rains

Bold Sir Rylas
Beggar Boy
Earl Richard
Rambling Robin
Jiggery Pokerwork / Haul Away / Seven Stars
Princess Royal / Cuckoo’s Nest

Old Maui

Innocent When You Dream

Prickle Eye Bush

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