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Mud and dust

Just for a change it wasn’t raining today, so I decided to drag myself out for a ride to see if I could still ride a bicycle properly. The climb out of town was a bit of a shock to … Continue reading

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Beer and games

One of the delights of the local pub is the pile of old games in the corner of the bar. After we moved back inside about 11pm ‘cos it was getting chilly we settled down with our pints for a … Continue reading

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M*A*S*H Oddity

I’m sat here looking at a copy of M*A*S*H Season 1 on DVD, and the character taking pride of place on the top of DVD 2 is B. J. Hunnicutt played by Mike Farrell. The problem is that B.J. Hunnicutt … Continue reading

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#7 – Schindler’s List

An early start means we had time for this lengthy masterpiece tonight. I believe Schindler’s List was about 14o 5/250

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Back to work

Back to work today after an extended weekend off. Minor excitement was provided by someone breaking into the old school that forms part of our offices, leaving us a sausage roll and a pasty, and nicking the worst monitor in … Continue reading

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Famous last words

“It’s OK, we’ll just go for a quick pint with the girls”.

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#5 – Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

That’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” for the uncultured amongst you. A classic movie which I’ve not seen for years. However this special edition version seems to suffer from some slightly bizarre audio mixing where it’s been “upgraded” … Continue reading

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Black and Brown

The Brooks bar tape I fitted a year or so back is in the process of being retired from the Lemond. Whilst it’s very nice to look at, I just find it too slippery to be comfortable with the majority … Continue reading

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15 years

Fifteen years ago today I walked into an office and  became a paid employee of the NHS, working for the now defunct Bath District Health Authority.

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Justin Sullivan and Dean White – The Rigger, Stoke

Billed as “An intimate night with Justin Sullivan” it couldn’t have been more intimate. We were sat at a table about 4 feet away from Justin in a venue which held about 120 people or so. Better than Them Changing … Continue reading

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