Mud and dust

Just for a change it wasn’t raining today, so I decided to drag myself out for a ride to see if I could still ride a bicycle properly. The climb out of town was a bit of a shock to the system, but other than that it was excellent fun.

Trek 69er

Parts of the ride were very muddy in places thanks to our summer of liquid sunshine, yet some parts were bone dry and dusty, so I came homesplattered in mud and with a light coating of dust.


It’s forecast to rain again tomorrow for a change.

Beer and games

One of the delights of the local pub is the pile of old games in the corner of the bar. After we moved back inside about 11pm ‘cos it was getting chilly we settled down with our pints for a game of Frustration, followed by a session on Screwball Scramble. It certainly makes for an amusing way to spend an evening with friends, even if Al did get a bit wound up by his inability to “roll” a 6 while playing Frustration.

Back to work

Back to work today after an extended weekend off. Minor excitement was provided by someone breaking into the old school that forms part of our offices, leaving us a sausage roll and a pasty, and nicking the worst monitor in the building. Other than that it was dead quiet as a lot of people are on holiday at the moment.

It’s “Beer and DVD” night later, we’ll have to come up with something good to watch.

Justin Sullivan and Dean White – The Rigger, Stoke

Billed as “An intimate night with Justin Sullivan” it couldn’t have been more intimate. We were sat at a table about 4 feet away from Justin in a venue which held about 120 people or so.

Better than Them
Changing of the Light
One Bullet
Love Songs
Turn Away
Tales of the Road
Ocean Rising
No Pain
You Weren’t There
Snelsmore Wood

Aimless Desire
Lights Go Out
Ghost of your Father
Stoned, Fired, and Full of Grace

Definately the best gig of the year, and certainly a contender for the best ever.

A few photos.