Shuttleworth Military Pagent Air Display

Today was probably my first trip to an airshow for a good 20 years or so. Thanks to a free space in the car I headed up to Shuttleworth with the old fogies for the Military Pageant Air Display. The weather wasn’t too bad in the end, we drove through heavy rain on the way up, it was mostly dry while we were there, then we drove home in heavy rain again.

The day gave me a good chance to play with the new 300/f4 L IS, and realise that my sensor needs a good clean again.


More photos: Shuttleworth Military Pagent Air Display – August 2008

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1 Response to Shuttleworth Military Pagent Air Display

  1. Father says:

    Some good shots there for a first-timer, and in difficult lighting conditions. Doesn’t convey the sound or the smell though! And Father wishes to make it clear he is not pictured quietly dozing! I haven’t looked at mine yet, will let you know how I got on.